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Where do you hold your concerts?

Most concerts take place at the Palmdale Playhouse which is located at 38334 10th St. E, Palmdale, CA 93550.


How do I purchase tickets?

Visit the "Concerts" page and click on the concert of interest. From there you will be directed to a link where you can purchase tickets. The link may not work if tickets for a show are not yet available.


Who can join West Coast Classical?

Anyone can join! West Coast Classical provides programs that cater to all ages and levels. Click HERE to find the program that is right for you.


Does West Coast Classical operate year-round?

West Coast Classical breaks its season into two semesters: September through December and January through June. All members must register at the start of each semester, and new members are welcome at the start of either semester. 


Do I have to audition to join?

Most programs at West Coast Classical require a video audition. Please refer HERE for program requirements and audition specifications.

Is West Coast Classical a vendor with certain charter schools?

Yes. West Coast Classical is a vendor with Gorman Learning Center, iLead, Inspire, Blue Ridge Academy, and Compass. To inquire more information, email

What is the Entry Form and who needs to fill one out?

The Entry Form is a way for West Coast Classical to obtain information from its members including basic contact information, program membership, and registration method. Every member must fill out an Entry Form at the start of the fall semester. New members that join in the spring semester must also fill out an Entry Form.


Do you provide financial assistance?

Yes. To apply for a scholarship, please click HERE.


Can you be in multiple programs?

Yes. Some programs may qualify for a multi-class discount. Be sure to check in with Amelia Fischer at if you are registering for more than one program.


Does West Coast Classical provide instruments?

No. Each member is responsible for bringing their own instrument.

Where do your programs meet for rehearsal?

All programs meet at the Palmdale Playhouse which is located at 38334 10th St. E, Palmdale, CA 93550.

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