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West Coast Classical is a non-profit community platform designed to foster the advancement of musicians from all backgrounds through pre-professional and professional orchestral achievements, ensemble experiences, and educational programs.  

We Offer:

  • Orchestral, ensemble, and educational programs for all ages and levels of musical maturity

  • An established legacy within the Antelope Valley community with distinguished and experienced program leaders

  • Diverse performance opportunities

Our Values are EPIC


Excellence:  Achieving individual and group excellence in orchestral and ensemble experiences for the Antelope Valley community and its musicians.
Professionalism:  Distinguished & experienced program leaders that will inspire each musician to achieve a new level of distinction in their abilities & performance opportunities.
Innovation: Leadership with vision that will encourage the best from the musicians and ignite a passion in the community for the musical arts.
Commitment:  Dedicated to advancing the musical arts within the Antelope Valley community and beyond.

Our Background

The various West Coast Classical ensemble programs have inspired a love for the musical arts and have benefited our community since 1997. Under the dedicated leadership of many accomplished contributors, the program has continued to advance to new levels of excellence and maturity.  The West Coast Classical programs were assembled into a more cohesive community, non-profit platform so that our musicians could grow in numbers, in their experiences & abilities, and for our expanded platform to reach deeper into the community and beyond. West Coast Classical performs a multitude of concerts throughout their season and has had the distinct privilege to be featured at Disneyland, Carnegie Hall as well as Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide access to musical arts for the community and its musicians from all backgrounds and skill who seek to achieve excellence in orchestral, ensemble and classroom experiences as well as inspire a passion for the musical arts and foster the advancement of musicians from all backgrounds who seek to achieve excellence on a pre-professional platform and beyond.

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